Oud Al-Mithaali Attar By Al Saud - 12ml

Oud Al-Mithaali Attar By Al Saud - 12ml

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Attars are botanical extracts distilled usually over a sandalwood oil that become better with time and are left unadulterated. Aromatics originating from thr resin-infused infected wood. czThey are very strong and potent are dabbed on the pulse points of the body. A true attar is a perfume oil made from flower petals, distilled in water using low heat and pressure, Usage of exotic woods, spices and resins. Attar in its true essential form is just oil that is made using several techniques that secrets pure oil that can be used pure or as a base for perfume. When it comes to something like Oudh Attar, its no different. The fragrance as well as the smell is so divine that it will leave you in awe. Agarwood, also known as Oud, Oodh, or agar is a dark resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees when they become infected to a mould. Oudh oil is very much valued in many cultures for its distinctive fragrance and is used for making incense sticks or perfumes. Precious and incredibly rare, Oudh is something that is made extraordinary well and that would create an impression. Attar in India, and various parts of the world is used by many people depending sometimes on the occasions that they are wearing it on. Such strong and mesmerizing is the smell of Oudh in attars, that it will make you smell fresh and energized. The Chinese describe Oudh in various fragrance of attars as "a sweet, deep but balanced fragrance" used on special occasions or festivities. The smell of Oudh as one would say, cannot be described in words, as it is one of the most complex odours showing animalic, mossy, woody, forest, moist and lingering smell. One can only say that the reason why Oudh attars are expensive is because of the way it benefits the user and also because it is just so good. As you inhale, savor the bitter-sweet, leathery, balsamic notes of what is known as the "Wood of the gods." Oudh is an exquisite addition to almost any blend that is both grounding and relaxing

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