Al Alif Bukhoor Oudh Al Saeed Pure Original Incense Paste Home Fragrance - 50g

Al Alif Bukhoor Oudh Al Saeed Pure Original Incense Paste Home Fragrance - 50g

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Bukhoor Oudh Al Saeed Incense Home Fragrance are released and spread a relaxing lovely scent.

You will find that there are many different fragrances that are used to make the Bakhoor desired. Now your bakhoor could be made up of different kinds of wood that absorbs the different mixtures of essential oils and other ingredients, such as woodchips, a special oil called Oud which the bark as well as the oil from this tree can be very expensive, reaching the thousands in price. You can also use an Agarwood or Aloeswood, which are also very medicinal for your health. Now these can be mixed with other things like resin, Musk oil, Ambergris, sandalwood, some flower oils and other perfumed oil or concentrates with alcohol can be used also, this I saw in Senegal. You have to experiment with different oils and ingredients to get the oil or bakhoor you want to use. By checking here on my site you can order these ingredients to start making your own special bakhoor.

The burning of Frankincense and Myrrh resins, with also Agarwood chips and bakhoor is actually a tradition of the Middle East undoubtedly goes back since probably to the dawn of humanity. Also in addition to this, the burning of fragrant materials to change and enrich the atmosphere if not only just Middle Eastern but is found used worldwide by many or most cultures. So remember it is the combination of oils, chips, Agarwood, and many other fragrances that makes up bakhoor.

Products Features :

Fragrance Notes : Superior High Quality Oudh Bakhoor

  • 100% Pure Original Incense Burner's Fragrance Paste
  • Ideal for : Your Home, Office, Hallway and Living Room
  • Bakhoor Incense Burner's Fragrance Paste
  • A small amount is long lasting and has a pleasant fragrances.
Brand Al Alif
Type Fragrance Paste / Bricks
Model Name Bakhour Oud Al Saeed
Size 50 g
Includes 1-50g Bukhoor Oudh Abyad

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